Terms & Conditions


**Terms & Conditions**


By using the services provided by 'IN-GSM.COM', you are agreeing to our terms of service. It is your responsibility as a registered user to consistently review and accept the updated terms, as they may change over time.


**User Agreement**


Prior to accepting the agreement by clicking "Yes," carefully read through the terms. By clicking "I Agree," you are binding yourself to the terms stated in the Our Service End User Agreement and End User Software License Agreement. You confirm that you comprehend and accept all conditions, terms, and notices specified within or referenced by these agreements. You also confirm that you possess the necessary authority to do so. In case you do not agree to these terms and conditions, select "I Disagree" below. Notably, this agreement does not impact your statutory rights, which are immune to alteration through contractual terms, to the extent prohibited by applicable law.


a) You are not permitted to share any information about Our, Our Services, or any associated product or service unless you are authorized by Us.


b) Brand names and mobile phone names are the property of their respective brand owners. We are in no way affiliated with them, and these names are used exclusively for educational purposes.


c) All services outlined on our website are based on speculative information. However, in scenarios where delays occur, Our will not assume liability.


d) We cannot guarantee 100% success in unlocking your phone, as previous unlock attempts might have left the counter locked, rendering our provided code ineffective. Refunds are not available in such cases, as our suppliers have already been compensated. Hence, ensure your certainty before purchasing our services.


e) We approach our work with utmost seriousness, and unauthorized usage of Our's content will result in strict actions being taken.


**Acceptance of Terms for Using Our Services**


Through utilizing our services, you accept the electronic agreement, which includes receiving all notices electronically. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. Any disputes or performance related to the agreement will be conducted in English, and the English version will govern in case of any inconsistencies with translated versions.


Third-party services accessed via Our are subject to the third-party service provider's agreement, with Our assuming no liability for issues arising from these third-party services. Any interactions with third parties facilitated through Our, Third Party Services, Linked Sites, or Other Sites are solely between you and the third party, and Our bears no responsibility. If you disagree with any content, please exit the site immediately.


**Our GSM Unlocking Services**


Our GSM server provides various cell phone unlocking services, including factory unlock codes and SIM locks for various brands such as iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, BlackBerry, Sony Xperia, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, MI, Oppo, and more. You can independently place orders for these services.


**Order Processing and Policies**


Orders are processed exclusively on business working days (Monday to Friday). In-gsm.com will not be held accountable for errors like incorrect IMEI, carrier, or already unlocked IMEI. Such errors will still lead to deduction of credits from your account with no refund. Orders not meeting service description requirements will not be processed. Unverified or unauthorized payments will result in order rejection. You must email us in such instances. Supplier delays do not permit order cancellations. API service orders can only be canceled upon source response, as most services are API-connected. Orders with "In Process" or "Success" status cannot be canceled. However, cancellation is possible for orders with "Waiting Action" status.


**Refund Policy and Withdrawal**


The website 'IIN-GSM.COM' provides a refund policy using USDT or other approved payment methods, subject to the finance department's approval. Refund requests are subject to a refund fee, ranging from 3% to 10% based on the payment method and refund process. Accurate information is necessary to prevent temporary account closure for 3 months. Funds can only be withdrawn through email at info@in-gsm.com  no other methods are available.

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