How do I request a service?

We first log in.

If we do not have an account, we register an account.


We click on Place Order and choose what we want.

1- It is dedicated to unlocking services | iCloud - Bypass - Sim Lock - Check - Mi Account - etc.

2- It is dedicated to activation services | Tools - credit recharge - games - gift cards - etc.

3- It is for remote services repair IMEI - bypass google - flash server - etc.


How to change the form so that you can search in the way you find appropriate and easy


1- We search for the service

2- We choose the service we want

3- We read the terms and conditions of service

4- We fill in the required fields


We have filled out the requirements as shown in the image.

Then click on "Place Order."


 Click on View IMEI


- Choose my orders from "Older history" 1

2- We choose the type of request that we sent

3- We click on the application number in order to see the period and when it was approved, and the response is clear


And the result is successful.

We sent the request correctly.

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